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THE FORMULA BAND records THEIR latest album – Solo Un Po’

The Band continues to evolve and grow. Long time drummer & percussionist Bob Accurso couldn’t make this album due to other commitments. His talent and skills are widely recognized throughout all the previous albums with notable work and pocket style drumming. Bob was sorely missed on this one …BUT…we were very excited to have our 2nd drummer Jamie Sunshine help us in the studio. What a pleasant surprise! Jamie quickly stepped in and assisted us in drafting the rythm and swing to many of the classic sounds of the latest album. Her precision sense of tempo was inspiring for the other members. Jamie definitely brings a young blood spark and fresh talent. She is also a crowd favorite for live performance.  Jamie’s Musical Background includes Carnegie University MIT Bachelors in Music Performance and Business and Masters in Rhythm & Dance…a great addition to The Formula!

As the band continues to grow so does our sound. Keyboardist Tommy Trigilio just recently purchased the world class mighty Korg Kronos 88! What an exciting keyboard to add to his collection and to the new CD! All the members agree this has definitely “upped” the dynamics of The Formula’s live sound…with its extremely authentic life like breathy accordions, grand pianos, Hammond draw bar organ & leslie variations.

The band suggests you quickly obtain a copy of Solo Un Po’. They feel you will certainly want this playing while making your Sunday sauce!

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