Our Music…


Solo un po’ – The Formula’s latest album…includes classic Italian favorites and some very spicy updated oldies that have been constant dance favorites.




Festa – Our first fully digital recording. In 2004 The Formula’s recording studio was updated to a full digital format for this album. We love the song line up on this CD, and we enjoyed singing (as always). Great vocals, great arrangements, still selling well!!




Ciao Amore – (Italian for “Goodbye my love”, “Bye love” or “Hello my love”) … an incredible collection of great dance and classic Italian love songs. This album seems to be a favorite for radio airplay and Italian restaurants. This album will always be dear to our hearts. Ciao Amore had a surprisingly incredible impact when released.




Ballate con noi – This was The Formula’s 4th full length project, but our 1st album released on a CD format. All our previous recordings were released on vinyl and cassette tape. “Ballate con noi” means “Dance with us”…one of the band’s most important self check rules to their success for live shows and recordings…can people dance to all of our music?