Dino Falletta – Vocals, Guitars

Dino Falletta is the guitarist for The Formula Band. Dino uses a Fender Stratocaster, a Gibson Les Paul, and an Ovation acoustic/electric. Dino shares the Lead vocals with keyboardist & long time friend Tommy Trigilio. Dino Sings in Italian, English, and Spanish bringing a European flavor to the group. Dino also played clarinet back in Italy with a traveling group/marching band prior to the guitar. Dino Falletta is a founding member of The Formula band.



Joe perilli – Vocals, Bass Guitar

Joe Perilli is the newest member of The Formula Band. Joe joined The Formula at the end of 2019 replacing long time bassist John Bertini. Joe Perilli brings a vast amount of bass guitar & singing experience to The Formula, with a strong and well respected history of studio recording and professional performance. Joe uses the Fender Precision bass with The Formula, and he is definitely a comfortable fit for this quartet.

Thomas Trigilio – Vocals, Keyboards

Tommy Trigilio is the keyboardist of The Formula Band. Currently Tommy is using the world class Korg Kronos 88 and a Roland Fantom G for live performance, which is one of the keys to The Formula’s massive & CD quality live sound. Tommy also enjoys collecting vintage keyboards and musical equipment which never leave his studio. Tommy Trigilio shares lead vocals in The Formula with guitarist & long time friend Dino Falletta. Tommy sings in English & Italian.

Paul Siwula – Drums, Percussion

Paul Siwula is the drummer and percussionist for The Formula band. Paul is one of the top drummers to emerge from the Buffalo area and is fondly known as Paolo…keeper of the beat, and master of The Formula’s spicy/Latino and catchy dance rhythms. With The Formula Band Paul Siwula uses a beautiful customized DW Jazz kit, or sometimes Gretch, along with a multitude of percussion such as shakers, cow bell, wood block & timbale. This gives The Formula Band an extremely versatile rhythm core to build around.











The Formula is an authentic Italian band that has captured a versatile balance, showing off their knack for performing old Italian classic hits, as well as a fresh young modern dance sound and with a twist of Latino. This has proven to be a winning combination. What starts out as a concert usually turns into a Dance. Treat yourself and your guests to an exciting and romantic show “Italiano style” with America’s finest in Italian musical entertainment………..THE FORMULA